Tips for Walking Your Cat

Is your cat constantly trying to get outside? Is your feline a fearless furball who loves staying active? If so, you may want to consider walking your cat. While many of us think of Fido first when it comes to walking our pets, sometimes Fluffy also enjoys exploring on a leash. In this article, a Jupiter Island, FL vet offers tips on walking kitties.


Walking isn’t necessarily right for every furball. Very timid kitties may find the outdoors extremely unnerving. If Fluffy is easily scared, or is a senior that never had outside access, being walked may not be the best option for her. On the other hand, cats that used to go outside, such as rescued strays, may really like being walked, as it offers a safe way for them to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. Also, while every cat has their own unique character, some breeds tend to be more accepting of leashes than others. American Shorthairs, Bengals, and Siamese kitties are a few breeds that often love being walked. Kitties that are super active may really benefit from walking. It will burn off some of that excess energy, and offer Fluffy stimulation.


Before taking Fluffy for a stroll around the block, you’ll need to do a bit of indoor training. First, pick up a kitty harness. Never attach a leash to a regular collar! Start by letting Fluffy see and sniff the harness, while offering treats and praise. If your cat enjoys attention, bring on the cuddles! The next step is to try letting her wear the harness for a few minutes. Again, be generous with rewards! Do this for several days, until she is comfortable, then attach the leash. Don’t try walking your kitty yet: just let her get used to it and drag it around. Never leave your feline pal alone while she’s wearing her gear. If things go well, you can take her outside!

Venturing Out

Always keep your feline friend’s safety first. Make sure you carry your kitty in and out when taking her on her walks. Don’t take Fluffy on routes where there are a lot of dogs or other kitties. Be careful around trees as well: you don’t want your furball climbing anything!

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