Easing Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Fears

Your golden retriever Hunter is the boldest, bravest dog in the neighborhood. This fearless four-year-old pooch jumps headlong into new adventures when his canine buddies are waiting for permission. However, your blustery canine housemate is terribly afraid of one thing: thunderstorms. When he senses the first distant rumble, he attempts to burrow under the couch. As the storm nears, he nervously paces through the house. You’ve even observed Hunter frantically chewing on the hallway baseboards. You don’t want your anxious dog to hurt himself, and you’d like him to overcome this phobia. This week, he’ll visit your Hobe Sound, FL pet clinic, where the vet will give him expert behavioral counseling. Until then, try several suggestions that might work.

Storm Anxiety Sources

Hunter’s storm fears can result from several factors. As the storm intensifies, he might feel tiny static electricity shocks. The barometric pressure changes and screaming winds could also cause anxiety. However, you think he’s most afraid of the brilliant lightning and booming thunder.

Dogs Susceptible to Storm Terrors

Although storm terrors can affect any dog, herding breeds seem to be especially prone to these episodes. If Hunter was bedeviled by separation anxiety, or another fear-related condition, he might be more likely to suffer from this phobia.

Some poor pooches become unhinged over every loud sound. Other dogs can’t cope with thunderstorms, but seem unaffected by often-deafening fireworks or other annoying noise.

Soft, Soothing Clothing

You’re intrigued by those snug-fitting doggie wraps and sweaters, purported to make your canine companion feel safer when he’s under stress. Although this non-prescription apparel isn’t guaranteed to work, it’s reasonably inexpensive and could be worth a try. Ask your vet’s opinion before making a purchase.

Calming Canine Refuge

Your super-anxious pooch might appreciate a safe haven during the storm. Create a cozy refuge within a small interior room or closet. Provide several options, and don’t try to force him into a small space. Bring in his favorite blanket and toys; and play soothing music that will partially muffle the storm.

Help Hunter focus by giving him a familiar obedience command. Softly say “Down-Stay;” and reward him with belly rubs as he lies calmly at your feet.

Your Hobe Sound, FL pet clinic will provide guidance that should help Hunter weather the storm. If your dog has thunderstorm fears, contact us for expert advice.

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