Tips for Making Your Patio a Catio

Have you decided to keep your furball indoors? Good for you! Kitties that go outdoors are exposed to danger from parasites, cars, other kitties, predators, chemicals, weather, and other hazards. By keeping your furball inside, you’re helping your feline friend stay safe and healthy. Fluffy, however, may not see it that way. If you want to pamper your furry pal a bit, give her the best of both worlds by making her a catio. You can buy or make a screened enclosure just for Fluffy, or take an existing patio or Florida room and turn it into a catio that both you and your cat can enjoy. A Jupiter Island, FL veterinarian offers tips on creating catios in this article.

Add Cat-Safe Plants

Bring the outdoors to Fluffy by adding cat-friendly plants. Spider plants, lemon button ferns, Areca palms, rubber plants, and ponytail palms are attractive plants that are safe for your furball. Catnip and cat grass are also excellent choices!

Kitty Furniture

Your catio is an excellent place for a multi-storied cat tower. This will give Fluffy a lounging spot, a scratching post, and a gym, all in one! You can buy one, or go the DIY route by repurposing an old stepladder or building one from scratch. Kitty tents, tunnels, beds, and perches are also great options.


Ramps and catwalks are very popular among our furry friends. Consider building ramps that lead to kitty lounging zones, or build a kitty highway by using boards to make a walkway around your patio. Just remember to smooth out any splinters or jagged edges!

Vantage Point

Our feline friends love high places. There are many options for creating kitty lookout points. Kitty window perches are a great option. You can also just make Fluffy a ‘stairway’ by adding shelves at various heights. Cover them with carpet or sisal rope to make them comfy napping spots.

Scratching Options

Be sure to include proper scratching options, such as posts and boards, so Fluffy can work on her nails while she’s enjoying some fresh air!

Make Your Yard Fun

Make Fluffy’s view more interesting by adding bird feeders or birdbaths to your lawn. Your kitty will probably spend hours just watching the wildlife in your yard!

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