Give Your Lucky Cat a Low-Stress Lifestyle

Your brand-new orange tabby Daisy can’t believe she got so lucky. Yesterday morning, you adopted this feisty four-year-old feline through an animal rescue group. You’ve given this deserving girl a plush bed, a faux jeweled collar, and a basket of toys. Today, she’ll visit your Jupiter Island, FL veterinary clinic, where the vet will give her a new patient exam and a nutritious diet. Also, consider guidelines for giving Daisy a minimal-stress lifestyle.

Clean Water

Daisy will enjoy her nutritionally complete diet. She also requires abundant fresh water daily. If she doesn’t drink enough of this life-essential nutrient, she could experience dehydration; and that can cause stress. Insufficient water can also contribute to certain medical problems.

Fill her water bowl each morning, and provide refills often. Because cats seem to appreciate a flowing water source, introduce an enticing pet faucet. Although canned food provides water, don’t change her diet without consulting your vet.

Elevated Perch

Charming little Daisy is still a natural predator. Like most cats, she’d probably enjoy an elevated vantage point, perfect for viewing her tasty prey. Because her nutritional needs have been met, she’ll use her elevated cat tower to manage the household. Ensure that she has a cozy sleeping nook for important naps. If she seems captivated by the backyard birds, position the cat tree in the best viewing spot.

Scratching Surfaces

Cats have an instinctive need to scratch. Your dainty feline housemate might crave her own scratching post or similarly textured object. Give her horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces, if possible. If you have multiple cats, provide each feline with a scratching spot.

If your cat can’t exercise her claws, she’ll probably experience stress. She might relieve that angst by shredding your furniture, carpet, and/or curtains.

Playtime and Attention

Daisy can reduce her stress with regular exercise. Twice or more daily, give her a 20-30 minute playtime session. If she gets too animated, show her a secluded “hide box” where she can relax.

Daily cuddling time will help improve her mood. While you stroke her coat, feel for anything unusual. If you find something out of the ordinary, alert your vet immediately.

Try not to disrupt Daisy’s regular routine; and notify your vet if she seems anxious. To provide your cat with a low-stress lifestyle, contact your Jupiter Island, FL veterinary clinic for expert advice.

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