Obesity in Cats

Did you know that obesity is one of the most common health problems facing our feline friends? We know, your kitty will still be adorable if she’s carrying some extra weight. However, those additional pounds are very bad for Fluffy’s health! Below, a local Jupiter Island, FL vet discusses obesity in cats.

Health Risks

Kitties that are overweight or obese can face some very serious health problems! Heart disease, liver problems, kidney trouble, respiratory issues, skin problems, and bone/joint disorders, such as arthritis, are just a few of the medical conditions Fluffy could develop. Your furball will also have higher chances of developing complications after surgery, and of having reproductive trouble.

Keeping Your Cat Fit

Keeping your kitty active is very important. Unfortunately, given the fact that sleeping is Fluffy’s favorite pastime, it’s also easier said than done. If you tell your cat to do laps around the kitchen, you’ll probably just get a cute meow and a yawn in response. Therefore, you may have to more or less trick your pet into exercising. Offer your furball plenty of fun toys, and play with her every day. We also recommend providing kitty furniture that promotes activity, such as cat trees or towers. Keeping your feline buddy occupied will also help prevent her from snacking out of boredom.

Fluffy’s Diet

Nutrition plays a huge role in your cat’s weight. Kitties that only get dry food may be more prone to gaining weight than those that eat wet food. This is because many kibble formulas are high in carbs. Portion control is also important. Even giving Fluffy just a few calories too many a day can make her gain weight. It’s also worth noting that some kitties are expert beggars. In fact, some of our feline friends have their humans completely wrapped around their paws! If your pudgy pet routinely finishes her dinner and then begs for more food, her plaintive meow may be a lie. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including serving sizes.

Helping Your Furball Lose Weight

If you have a chubby kitty, ask your vet for nutritional advice. Never put your pet on a crash diet: you could make Fluffy very sick! Just like people, cats must lose weight slowly in order to safely slim down.

Please contact us, your Jupiter Island, FL animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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