Frozen Treats for Fido

Does your dog come running whenever you go near the doggy treats? One of Man’s Best Friend’s cutest habits is his way of immediately looking adorable when he thinks he may get a snack. Those big sad eyes are hard to resist! Dog biscuits are fine, and will definitely get that furry tail going, but why not make your pup some special snacks? Below, a Jupiter Island, FL vet lists some homemade summer doggy treats.

Doggy Ice Cream

To make Fido his own ice cream, start with a base of plain yogurt. You can mix it with peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, mashed bananas; wheat germ; sodium-free broth; baby food; or gravy. To customize your pup’s snack, add kibble; bits of doggy treats; cooked, plain meat or fish without the bone; cheese; eggs; bacon bits; or dog-safe veggies.


There are lots of different ways to make pupsicles. Start with sodium-free beef or chicken broth. You can pour it into an ice cube tray or paper cups, or get a cute bone-shaped mold. Add doggy treats; cooked, plain boneless meat; or chew sticks.

Apple Snacks

Pour sodium-free chicken broth into an ice cube tray, and add fresh apple slices. Just be sure to only use the flesh of the apple: the seeds are dangerous for dogs. You can also add shredded cheddar and bacon bits. Pop them in the freezer, and hand them out on sweltering days.

Tuna Bites

Open a can of tuna in water, and pour it into a bowl. Add plain yogurt, and a bit of parsley, and freeze. (Note for people with kitties: Fluffy may also enjoy this snack.)

PBB Treats

Mix peanut butter, ripe bananas, and a bit of plain yogurt together. Freeze in small portions for Fido to enjoy on hot days.


Feel free to experiment, to find out what Fido likes best. Just be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for Fido. Some foods that are toxic to dogs include garlic, onions, and scallions; nuts; avocados; pitted fruits; raw potatoes; meat on the bone; raw dough; grapes, currants, and raisins; and anything containing xylitol. You also don’t want to go overboard: one or two of these snacks at a time is plenty. Ask your vet for more information.

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