Keeping Your Kitty Cool

There are many reasons to love the Sunshine State, such as our beautiful beaches and warm weather. However, Florida’s sweltering summers can be very hard on our feline friends. After all, Fluffy is wearing a fur coat! Hot weather is also very dangerous for cats because they can easily overheat. Panting isn’t as effective for them as it is for dogs, and they only sweat through their paw pads. In this article, a Hobe Sound, FL vet offers tips on keeping kitties cool and comfy in summer.

Keep Kitty In

The best way to help Fluffy beat the heat is to leave her indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. Indoor cats are also safe from cars, predators, and other hazards, and are much less likely to get lost, hurt, or even killed.


Make sure Fluffy always has plenty of water. If you are out a lot, get an automated waterer, or put out extra bowls.


Hammock beds are more comfortable than regular beds, as they allow air to pass beneath them. You can make a kitty hammock bed in just a few minutes. You’ll need an end table or coffee table with four legs. Cut a piece of material so that it’s a little smaller than the tabletop, and then attach the corners to the legs.


Brushing Fluffy regularly will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, which will help keep her cooler.


Drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s dish on hot days. You can also put one down on the floor for her to play with. Since those cute paw pads help cats regulate their temperature, a fun round of ‘hockey’ is a great way for kitties to cool off.

Cold Treats

Mix undrained tuna in water with a little plain yogurt and some parsley. Use an ice cube tray to section it into small bits. Some cats absolutely love these treats. Of course, there’s also a chance that Fluffy may turn that cute little nose up at her snack. With cats, you just never know!

Cool Spots

Cats are very, very good at making themselves comfortable. If you give your furry friend access to your entire home, she’ll naturally gravitate to the coolest spot.

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