If Pets Had Thumbs

Did you know that March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day? If not, you probably aren’t alone! This may not be a very well-known holiday, but it certainly is a fun one. What do you think would happen if our furry friends had opposable thumbs? In this article, a local vet offers a few educated guesses.


We’re pretty sure that, if Fido and Fluffy had thumbs, they would waste no time figuring out how to open packages of food. Needless to say, if our four-legged pals could pop open a can of food whenever they wanted to, we’d probably start seeing a lot more chubby dogs and cats!


If dogs and cats had thumbs, they would probably enjoy opening doors, so they could go in and out at will. Of course, our feline pals might just open and close the door for no reason at all. We also wouldn’t put it past Fluffy to lock the dog out. As for our canine pals, well, Fido would most likely be thrilled to figure out that he could unclip his leash, or open the gate in the back yard!


Have you ever wondered what texts from our four-legged friends would look like? Would Fido let you know he ‘accidentally’ ate your couch cushion? Or would he only text you when he wanted you to pick him up a burger on the way home? As for cats, well, Fluffy might not bother texting you to tell you about her naps, but she probably wouldn’t hesitate to tell you there’s a squirrel in the yard, or the dog just chewed up your shoe.


If pets had thumbs, they would probably want to figure out how to order things online. You might very well find yourself receiving unexpected packages in the mail. What would your furry buddy order? We’re guessing lots of beds, toys, and pet furniture, as well as some fancy steaks.

Summon You

Rather than rub against your legs or meow when she wanted something, Fluffy might soon start using a buzzer, bell, or beeper to summon you. Fido might also want an easy way to get your attention, although his barks and tail wags would still be pretty effective! Interestingly, while our pets don’t have thumbs, there are ways to help them communicate more effectively. If you’re curious about enhancing your pet’s communication skills, check out our article on Teaching Your Pet To Use Talking Paw Buttons.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? We can help! Our Veterinary Diagnostics service can provide comprehensive health screenings to ensure your pet is in top condition, even without opposable thumbs. Please feel free to contact us, your local animal clinic in Hobe Sound, FL, anytime.

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