Give Your Mobility-Challenged Cat Some Exercise

Your senior cat Molly seems to enjoy being the grande dame of your household. Each day, this ten-year-old feline matriarch supervises your family and two younger cats from her comfy bed. She occasionally arises to pad through the house and take several sips of water. Although your elegant feline companion moves more slowly these days, you want to provide her with regular enjoyable exercise. Fortunately, your veterinarian has recommended several options that blend nicely with her physical abilities.

Install Body-Friendly Ramps

If Molly seems reluctant to climb the stairs, or has trouble jumping on her favorite couch, a gradually inclined ramp will provide a welcome boost. Ensure that the ramp is covered with a claw-friendly material to make her trek easier. Chances are, you can even find (or build) a ramp that enables her to reach her prized bird-watching window perch.

Encourage Your Cat’s Movement

Molly’s queen-like demeanor might differ from another cat’s personality. In the same vein, she can also face distinctive mobility challenges. Although she does have some physical limitations, your vet will identify gentle exercise that keeps your cat moving. To better understand and manage her health conditions, consider our comprehensive “Veterinary Diagnostics” services, which help tailor exercise recommendations to her specific needs.

If she has always enjoyed chasing her toys, engage in some interactive playtime at a slower pace. She’ll likely be intrigued by balls, string toys, and toys that move or make noise. If you’re curious about why some cats engage more aggressively in play, including play fighting, you might find insights in our article “Why Your Cat Keeps Play Fighting“. Surprisingly, leisurely leash walking might also be an option. Ask the vet how to acclimate your cat to this brand-new activity.

Fascinating Food Puzzle

Treat puzzles will exercise your senior cat’s mind and body. With your vet’s approval, stuff a puzzle toy with her favorite snacks. She must move the toy a certain way, or release a catch, to access these prized morsels. Focusing on this important task will help to keep her mind sharp; and she’ll also work on her muscle coordination skills.

After she successfully completes the puzzle challenge, encourage her to slurp water from a nearby dripping pet faucet. After all, cats seem to be fascinated by an enticing moving water source.

Rewarding Cuddling Time

For attention-loving Molly, spending time with you is likely the ultimate reward. Engage in lots of daily cuddling time that also incorporates brushing and belly rubs. Bringing in a cat toy will encourage your senior companion to move and stretch her body.

To provide your mobility-challenged cat with activities he enjoys, contact your veterinarian in Hobe Sound, FL for expert advice.

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