Chattiest Cat Breeds

Does your kitty reply when you talk to her? Or does Fluffy only speak up when she wants dinner or attention? Some of our feline pals are quite the little chatterboxes! While every cat is unique, breed does play a large role in kitty personality traits, such as vocalizations and energy levels. Read on as a vet lists some of the most talkative cat breeds.


Siamese cats are very outspoken, if you please. They will happily tell their humans about everything from the moth in the living room to the dust bunny under the couch to the squirrel in the yard. These lovable, friendly furballs have unique meows that sound very much like the cries of a human baby. If you’re intrigued by these chatty felines, you might enjoy reading more Fun Facts About Siamese Cats.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is another talkative kitty. Fluffy, lovable, and playful, the Maine Coon often communicates with adorable chirps and squeaks. They also aren’t shy about expressing their opinions vocally. (Note: their close cousin, the Norwegian Forest Cat, is also very chatty.)


Smart, friendly, and affectionate, the Burmese is a furry, four-legged bundle of purrs. These charming felines love to cuddle with their humans. They are also quite chatty, and often happily answer back when spoken to.

Oriental Cat

Frisky and athletic, the Oriental cat has large ears and a penchant for supervising his human buddies closely. These inquisitive felines get very attached to their people, and like to tell them about, well, pretty much everything.


These hairless kitties have won some very dedicated fans in recent years, and with good reason: they’re extremely loving and friendly. They’re also quite talkative!


Bengals are best known for their beautifully patterned coats, but they have several other traits that make them unique. Unlike most kitties, they don’t mind water, and can often be found cheerfully playing with their water bowls. Bengals are definitely not shy about speaking their minds!


Another hairless breed, the Peterbald is known for being very vocal. These kitties are master cuddlers who love to play, but hate being left alone.

Turkish Van

Rounding out our list is the beautiful Turkish van, who can be distinguished by her white coat and fluffy brown and/or orange tail. Like the Bengal, they love water, and aren’t known for keeping their opinions to themselves.

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