Minimize Your Cat’s Flying Dander

Your sweet little cat Misty is a dander distribution machine. Although this charming four-year-old girl has many endearing qualities, she regularly sheds impressive quantities of dander. These very small particles aren’t visible, and frequently become airborne before landing throughout your house. Your furniture, carpet, curtains, and clothes might be coated with dander bits. Roughly 10 percent of people experience some degree of irritation from dander; and some victims can suffer extreme allergic reactions. Your veterinarian can provide recommendations on controlling Misty’s dander so you can keep a cleaner home.

Enhance Your Cat’s Skin Health

As Misty goes about her business, she regularly sheds dry, dead skin (also called dander). By taking steps to improve her skin health, you’ll hopefully have less dander flying through the air.

Ask your vet about bathing your cat with a gentle shampoo for sensitive skin. If he gives the green light, this may help to decrease her dander output. If she won’t tolerate a bath, wipe her down with a damp towel. Finally, ask if dietary supplements could contribute to better skin health.

Groom Your Feline Companion Often

Give Misty regular grooming sessions that help to better her skin and coat condition. Frequent brushing will also minimize her dander distribution.

First, pull a vet-recommended pet brush through her coat. Next, massage her skin with a special glove, as this also dislodges dander. Remove the loosened dead skin with a wet sponge. If you’re allergic to dander, wear a mask to avoid inhaling the tiny particles.

Vacuum and Clean Frequently

Frequent vacuuming and cleaning will make a dent in the cat dander. Ensure that you reach every corner, carpeted area, and horizontal surface. Use a special attachment to attack the curtains. Finally, if you can trade your carpets for hardwood or laminate floors, you’ll eliminate a major dander collection spot.

Consider an Air Purifier

To cleanse your home’s air, and absorb unwelcome cat dander, continually run an air purifier. However, cleaning your house frequently is still necessary.

Create a “Clean Room”

If you’re allergic to cat dander, spend considerable time in a cat-free space, such as your bedroom. Special allergy-relief bedding should help to decrease your symptoms. Close the door whenever possible. Your veterinarian will advise you how to keep your cat out of that room. For more dander management advice, contact us, your local animal clinic in Hobe Sound, FL for an appointment.

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