A Jupiter Island, Fl Veterinarian Discusses The Golden Retriever

February 3rd was Golden Retriever Day! These pups aren’t just adorable – they are also extremely loyal, fun, and loving. In this article, a local Jupiter Island, FL veterinarian discusses the beloved Golden Retriever.

Breed Basics: Golden Retrievers

Generally, male Golden Retrievers reach about 24 inches in height and weigh about 75 pounds. Females can reach 23 inches in height and weigh about 65 pounds. Fido usually lives ten to twelve years, but will always be a puppy at heart. There are three kinds of Golden Retrievers: British, American, and Canadian. Each of them is equally adorable: there are only minor differences between the three.

Where Did The Golden Retriever Come From?

The Golden was first developed in Scotland by Sir Dudley Majoribanks. Majoribanks meticulously documented his breeding practices. In fact, his published records are a valuable resource for tracing Fido’s heritage.

Majoribanks’ breeding journey began in the 1860s, when he crossed Nous, a Flat-coated Retriever, with Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. Nous’ origins are uncertain, with conflicting stories suggesting he may have come from a Russian circus trainer, cobbler, or even a gypsy. Despite this doggy mystery, we do know that the offspring of Nous and Belle laid the foundation for the Retrievers we know and love today. Over the years, Majoribanks also incorporated other breeds into his program. Fido’s family tree also includes Red Setters, Labrador Retrievers, and Bloodhounds.

Are Golden Retrievers Prone To Health Problems?

While Goldens are typically robust, like all purebreds, they may encounter certain health concerns. These include allergies, skin problems, and eye issues. Joint problems are also a common issue: around 20% of these dogs will develop hip or elbow dysplasia. Additionally, there is a possibility that Fido could develop subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS), a serious heart ailment. Cancer is also not uncommon in Goldens. Those cute floppy ears may also cause problems. You’ll need to keep your pet’s ears clean to prevent ear infections. These are common in pups with floppy ears. If you notice any signs of allergies or skin issues in your Golden, our Pet Allergies and Veterinary Dermatology services can help diagnose and treat these conditions.

The National Breed Club recommends hip and elbow evaluations, cardiac exams, ophthalmologist evaluations, and a DNA test for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 5. If you’re planning on bringing home a Golden puppy, it might be wise to look into pet health insurance for him.

How Energetic Are Golden Retrievers?

Very! Fido will be a furry, four-legged bundle of zoom during his puppyhood years. However, your dog will eventually slow down. If you let him, he may even become a bit of a couch potato. It is important to give your furry pal plenty of exercise and playtime, both to keep him fit and to prevent obesity. However, you’ll want to ask your vet for specific advice about your pooch’s workout. You may need to avoid high-impact activities and discourage jumping and standing because of the risk of hip dysplasia.

What Is Good And Bad About Golden Retrievers?

Fido has way more positives than negatives. Undoubtedly, you won’t find a better dog. These friendly and intelligent pooches thrive on making their owners happy and are great for families. They excel in various tasks and are usually full of wagging tails, happiness, and love. They’re also absolutely adorable.

There are just a few drawbacks to keep in mind. Goldens tend to shed heavily, and they are not exactly small, either. The latter may be a downside for some individuals, as Fido exceeds the size limitations set by many landlords. It’s also important to consider the potential health issues mentioned previously.

Can You Tell Me What The Golden Retriever’s Favorite Things Are?

We can’t poll our furry patients, but we know what Fido would say if we could. His humans would be at the top, of course, but beyond that?

Here are our guesses, in no particular order:

  • Bacon
  • Belly Rubs
  • Playing Fetch
  • Ear Scritches
  • Swimming
  • Treats
  • Playing
  • Naps
  • Dog Parks
  • Frisbees
  • Bacon
  • Car Rides
  • Squirrels
  • Bacon

Indulge your canine friend’s lust for life, but don’t overdo it with the treats: these guys tend to get fat quickly.

Why Is Golden Retriever Day on February 3rd?

Kristen Shroyer at iheartgoldenretrievers chose the date in honor of her Golden, Quincey, who was born on February 3rd. The event is gaining ‘pawpularity’: Golden, Colorado celebrated by holding a gathering of Goldens, which might be one of the cutest events of the year. If you’re interested in learning about other breed-specific celebrations, you might enjoy reading about Whippet Day, another fun event honoring a beloved dog breed.

Golden Retriever Temperament: What Is It?

It’s easy to see why Fido is so popular. These dogs have absolutely wonderful temperaments. They are loyal, loving, affectionate, and wonderful with kids as well. Their cheerful demeanor is even noted in the breed standard. Early records note that they often move their tails in a “merry” manner.

There are many people who believe that the Golden Retriever is the best dog ever, and they may be right!

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Yes! Golden Retrievers are very patient with children, cats, and other dogs. Plus, they are usually easy to train due to their eagerness to please. It is important to note, however, that they will probably be happiest in a place with a fenced yard. (Fido would also like to politely request a pool.)

What Kind Of Fur Do Goldens Have?

That thick, beautiful fur has a downside: Fido will try to share it with you and will politely distribute dog fur everywhere. You will need to brush your canine buddy regularly. On a brighter note, you won’t have to bathe your canine buddy very often.

What Is The Golden Retriever Temperament?

These dogs have absolutely wonderful temperaments. They’re loyal, loving, and affectionate, and they love children. Even the breed standard mentions their cheerful demeanor. The early records mention that they often move their tails in a “merry” manner.

There are many people who believe that Golden Retrievers are the best dogs ever, and they may be right!

What Is The Difference Between Golden Retrievers And Yellow Labrador Retrievers?

Fido and his buddy, the Yellow Labrador Retriever, look a lot alike. Both dogs have a similar size, appearance, and temperament, so it is easy to confuse them. Their coats are the main difference between them. Goldens have longer fur, and slightly longer ears and noses. They also chose different career specialties: Goldens excel in service and are also often found working as therapy dogs, whereas Labs thrive in search-and-rescue and police work. However, both do well in all of these fields.

What Does The Golden Retriever Do Well?

Not only is Fido a skilled hunter, he also has a natural talent for playing Fetch. The intelligent and obedient Golden also excels in obedience, agility, and tracking. He’s even delved into politics! A Golden Retriever named Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II made history as the first elected canine mayor of Idyllwild–Pine Cove, California. The furry dynasty continued with Max’s cousins, deputy mayors Mitzi and Mikey, and Max III, the pup’s official successor. (Because the town did not have an official government, locals decided to ‘elect’ a non-human mayor as part of a fundraising campaign. 14 dogs and two cats were on the ballot.)

There’s really only one thing Goldens don’t do well. These guys aren’t good guard dogs. Their friendly nature makes them more likely to welcome a burglar with a wagging tail than to drive them away.

A golden retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Friendly, obedient, and playful, these dogs excel at many things, and are always a joy to own.

We are your local Jupiter Island, FL pet hospital, so if you have any questions about caring for a Golden Retriever, please contact us.

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